Thank you to the Boyd Carpenter Cup

A huge thank you to the Boyd Carpenter Cup for the ongoing, and much appreciated continued support. It is always greatly appreciated and will be used to help buy some sensory equipment for our pupils.

Coventry Building Society Fundraising

The local Coventry Building Society have been working hard to raise funds for the School over recent months. They have raised over £3,000 which has been used to provide a hardship bursary for a family, buy communication devices and occupational therapy equipment.

Sarah Sullivan and Tony Worth from the Society came to hand over a cheque to our therapists, Jade Ingram (SLT) and Jackie O’Connell (OT) whilst Viv Chamberlain (OT) demonstrated the importance of proprioceptive feedback by jumping for joy!

A big thank you to everyone at the Coventry Building Society for your fantastic efforts – we really appreciate it

The Boyd Carpenter Cup

Thank you to our long term supporters the Boyd Carpenter Cup for yet another donation to the School.

Thank you to the Coventry Charity Cup

A big thank you for the continuing support of the Coventry Charity Cup !
The head of our College site attended and received a cheque on behalf of The Island Project.
Pictures of the evening can be found here

2016 end of term newsletter

Here is our end of term newsletter for 2016.

Thank you to the students from NCS

A big thank you for all of the students from NCS who came into College in July. All of our students had a fantastic time and the wonderful NCS team raised over £350 pounds for the College.

Thank You to the Virgin Debt Prevention Team

A big Thank You to the Virgin Debt Prevention Team for their fantastic efforts over half term.

The entrance and lobby now look amazing again !

Thank You Michael Steventon

A big "Thank You" to Michael Steventon and all the staff at KPMG for fundraising for the Island Project in memory of their colleague, Jaysen Auckloo.

Number 10

Childrens' Champion Award 2010

Education Award - outside Number 10

Award Ceremony - top table

Winners with Chris Evans

Accepting the Award

Childrens' Champions 2010

Meeting Gordon Brown

Receiving the Award



Crawling and sliming wicked eyes and grin

The fish monster lays over his own skin

Ferocious breath and sharp, sharp claws

Who could this monster be looking for?

The monster emerged out of the lake

For the other animals that got loose it was a mistake

The fish monster had a big appetite

And he couldn’t sit tight

He’s looking for animals in the distance

Searching, searching, searching with persistence

He saw a pig far away unless he was mistaken

Dribbling in his mouth, he had always loved bacon

Young Writers Competition Winner, Ellis aged 10

What If ?

What If ?

What if one day my parents separate?

What if I lose my best mate?

What if I get scratched by a bear?

What if I lose my hair?

What if I don’t be good?

What if I’m never understood?

What if I’m never smart?

What if I accidentally fart?

What if I’m never good at football?

What if I fell into waterfall?

What if I never have any friends?

What if I couldn’t keep up with any trends?

What if I get bit by a snake?

What if I hurt someone by mistakes?

What if I could never face my fears?

What if it all ended up in tears?

What if I could never die?

I would look at myself and sigh

by Ellis

It's all about the hate

It's all about the hate


Man, sometimes life can be devastating

Anger’s escalating

Journey’s frustrating


But its OK / It’s all about the love

I would rather have a hug than be pushed or shoved

Rather not fall, but fly high above

Smiling with the angels / peaceful as a dove


It’s not about the hate (Yeah!)

We learnt to come through it (Yeah!)

I would rather have a mate (Yeah!)

Who will help me through it (Yeah!)


I would rather smile than be mad

Rather laugh than be sad

Instead of being jealous / I would rather be glad

And make the best friends that I ever had!


It’s not about the hate (Yeah!)

We learnt to come through it

I would rather have a mate (Yeah!)

Who will help me through it

Colin (tutor) and Ellis (pupil), 2014

Christmas Card Sale

We would like to thank two special Year 4 pupils from Berkswell Primary School who raised a fantastic £96 selling handmade Christmas cards at the local school fayre.

Thank You !

On behalf of all the pupils, staff and families we would like to say a massive thank you to the generosity and support of all our benefactors and those that have made a donation to the school. Without your constant support and fundraising the school would not be the thriving success it is at present.

Balsall Common Lions and Ryton Gardens

Thanks to our friends at the Balsall Common Lions and Ryton Gardens, the pupils have been able to access an outdoor teaching space including a potting shed. We have been able to supply to the pupils trampolines, angled writing desks, iPads, IT Equipment and a new ball pit in Lower School.

Local Community

We would also like to thank the schools in Balsall Common and the village of Hampton in Arden for their constant support.

Diddington Hall

We have outgrown our original location and moved to Diddington Hall, Meriden in the spring term of 2010.

It is a fantastic building with beautiful grounds. The children now have access to outdoor space, sensory areas, play areas, an IT suite, socialisation areas as well as functional learning facilities for the older children.

All the children at the school are taught on a one to one basis and have made fantastic progress in the short time they have been with us, thanks to our hardworking and dedicated staff.