Evidence For Learning

Evidence for Learning is a versatile assessment app which tracks a learner's progress through sessions recorded with video and picture evidence. These sessions along with the pictures and videos can then be shared with parents whom can access these via a web broswer log in.

This app has become a pivotal part in the day to day delivery of lessons and programs at The Island Project. We have found this a very useful tool in communicating and sharing information with professionals and parents thus improving our practice and overall delivery to our learners.

We have a huge catalogue of evidence saved to our cloud with brilliant images and videos of learners producing some amazing work. As well as being shared with parents this evidence will also be used to track our learners progress against their individualised curriculum and demonstrate progress that they have made.

There are various others aspects to this app such as 'Learning Journeys', 'Coverage Grids' and 'Indictor Reports'. If you have any questions about these or anything else to do with evidence for Learning please contact Andrew: a.brush@ipschool.co.uk

If you are a parent please view this document for information on how to access evidence. How to Access Evidence for Learning