Coventry Charity Cup

Another big thank you to the Coventry Charity Cup for their continued support of the School. Their latest donation is being used to finish off work on the gardens at College.

A big thank you to the Coventry Charity Football Club

A big thank you The Coventry Charity Football Club for their donation to the Island Project. The Club has been a supporter of the School since its inception, and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support


Once again, a massive thanks for your generosity so far.
Do you have any gym equipment hiding in the back of the garage or in the attic?
We are looking for exercises bikes, cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines for the school.

Monetary donations are always welcome and received with much thanks. If you would like to organise a fund raising event for the school we are always grateful and able to assist.


If you are able to offer us your time to volunteer at the school please contact us.

There are many areas you could help...creating PECS (a valuable communication tool for the children), cleaning, gardening, fund raising etc. If you have an hour, several hours, or even a day to spare a week or a month please contact the school - us we are grateful for all help received.

We are also looking for good quality gardening equipment for an ongoing project within the school.

Thank You !

We want to send a huge thank you to all the companies and individuals who have supported us so far, and a big thank you to Hatton Adventure World, Wonderland, Star City and the Monkey Forest at Trentham, for contributing to our new College site. Without those who have given their time or dug deep in their pockets to help get this project from conception to completion, the Island Project would never have come about.

We are a registered charity and are constantly on a mission to raise funds to further improve the facilities at the school to enable our pupils to access the best and most innovative education to date. Any donation large or small would make a huge difference and be most appreciated.

Gift Aid forms are available here