Update: After a long drawn out process of investigations regarding The Island Project’s telephone system, BT have confirmed the issue was not with either our telephone system or BT’s systems.
The problem was caused by a facility that many Local Authorities and Companies use which is called Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS).
This gives organisations an alternative way to route telephone calls. It's a fully managed solution provided by a number of suppliers in the UK that saves money without any inconvenient dialling protocols.
However there have been a number of issues with settings where calls have not been routed correctly by these suppliers and therefore these calls are lost and do not connect to the intended source i.e. The Island Project.
BT have contacted these suppliers to inform them of the issue and these supplier have confirmed that the problem has now been rectified in their system.
If you do encounter issues again, can you please inform the Island Project, but in the first instance you should contact your own CPS telephone provider to check their system and rectify the problem.

About Us

A little bit about us and why we founded the school:
Without functional communication adults with autism are isolated from their community, family and even those that care for them. Imagine being unable to ask for your most basic needs to be met. The frustration felt by those who lose their ability to communicate is easy to imagine - now try to imagine never having that ability.

For those with autism who are described as "non-verbal" it is vital that their education is based around the ability to communicate and that teachers can teach in a communication style that makes sense to the student.

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What is Autism?

Autism is a perplexing, lifelong, developmental disorder.
The condition impairs the natural instinct to communicate and form relationships. Autism often means withdrawal and isolation by and of the child. The degree to which the child is affected can vary dramatically.

The following are common characteristics:
Difficulty with social relationships.
Difficulty with verbal and non verbal communication.
Lack of imagination and empathy.
Resistance to change in routine.
Repetitive behaviour.

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